“How to Respond to…” Series

A series of helpful pamphlets dealing with common Christian questions and issues facing us in the world today. 

“The witness”

“The Witness is an email newsletter for young Christians, especially those faced with the daily trials of life on a college campus or in other secular settings. As Christians who believe every word of Scripture is inspired by God, our views are often dismissed in favor of more contemporary, humanist thinking. It’s very easy to feel alone in our faith. The Witness seeks to fill that void by connecting like-minded Christians through social media.”

After-Word Devotions 

A series of devotions written and distributed by CLC Pastor Mark Weis of North Port, FL. 

Reformation Seminar

A Seminar commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Hosted by Messiah Lutheran Church (CLC) in Eau Claire, WI. Presented by Rev. John Schierenbeck and Pastor Caleb Schaller.